The CITIZEN - Limited-edition model combining elegant black washi paper and glittering gold leaf

The CITIZEN models provide superior precision and high quality, symbolizing the company’s never-ending pursuit of the essence of the watch. This exciting new limited-edition model features a light-powered Eco-Drive*1 movement with superior annual accuracy of ±5 seconds.

The CITIZEN Limited edition model
Eco-Drive with Annual Accuracy of ± 5 Seconds

Limited-edition model with an elegant black washi paper dial and sparkling gold leaf accents
Washi paper has long been used in shoji sliding screens in Japan to bring natural light into living spaces, making it the ideal material for light-powered Eco-Drive watch dials. This latest limited-edition model showcases the beautiful texture of the Tosa washi on the dial. The black washi paper is generously sprinkled with gold leaf using a traditional Japanese method called Sunago-maki. The gold leaf accents enhance the understated beauty of the black washi paper dial, and each unique paper dial is meticulously handcrafted by master papermakers, ensuring that no two dials are the same.

This new model is equipped with a high-accuracy Eco-Drive movement with annual accuracy of just ±5 seconds. The case features the stylish gold color of Duratect*2 Gold on the Super TitaniumTM*3 case, making it scratch resistant so it retains its beautiful sheen for longer. Gold is an extremely soft metal with Vickers hardness of approx. 20-70 Hv, and Duratect technology boosts the Vickers hardness of gold to 1,100-1,500 Hv. It produces a beautiful, sparkling finish with an attractive sheen (Vickers hardness of stainless steel is approx. 200 Hv.).

The crocodile leather strap, with its gold contrast stitching, was produced by a tanner certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG)*4.

The eagle mark on the dial, crown, and case back symbolizes the twin ideals of The CITIZEN - foresight and dedication to the pursuit of ideals as well as the enduring connection between watch and wearer.

※ Sunago-maki is a traditional Japanese decorative technique in which an artisan places flakes of gold or silver leaf into a bamboo tube and then sprinkles them skillfully on paper or other materials to create the desired effect.

Product Specifications

BrandThe CITIZEN / Eco-Drive with Annual Accuracy of ± 5 Seconds Limited edition model
LaunchNov 2023
Limited quantity350 (Worldwide)
Case / BandSuper Titanium™(Duratect Gold)/Crocodile(LWG)
GlassDual Sphere Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
DialBlack Japanese Washi Paper With Gold Leaf
Case diameter / thickness38.3mm / 12.2mm( design specification only )
SpecificationsCal.A060/ Accuracy of ±5 seconds per year / Eco-Drive runs for 1.5 years on full charge (in power save mode) / W.R. 10 BAR / Independently adjustable hour hand ■ Serial number is stamped on the case back

※1 Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. A first within the watch industry, Eco-Drive was certified as an Eco Mark product by the Japan Environment Association (JEA) and recognized for its contribution to environmental sustainability.

※2 Super Titanium™ is CITIZEN’s proprietary technology to treat solid titanium with surface hardening technology. It is at least 5 times harder than stainless steel. In the 50 years since CITIZEN introduced the world’s first titanium watch, Super Titanium™ continued to evolve. It is highly resistant to scratches, light-weight and gentle to the skin for excellent wearing comfort. (Vickers hardness of stainless steel is about 200 Hv).

※3 Duratect is CITIZEN’s proprietary surface hardening technology that enhances the surface hardness of metals such as stainless steel and titanium, protecting watch bodies from scratches and damage. This technology offers excellent abrasion quality and maintains the luster of metals for long periods of time.

※4 Leather Working Group (LWG): An international organization including brands that sell leather products to consumers, manufacturers of leather (tanners), and suppliers of chemicals to the leather industry. LWG assesses the environmental performance and safety of leather manufacturing, and grants certification to tanneries that meet its strict standards. In April 2023, Citizen Watch became a member of the LWG organization.

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The CITIZEN brand aims to become an integral part of users’ lives by tirelessly pursuing the next ideal in timekeeping accuracy, quality, design, and reliability. The CITIZEN special site:


CITIZEN WATCH is a true manufacture d'horlogerie with the capabilities to carry out the entire watch manufacturing process in-house, from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly and adjustment. The company operates in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Since its founding in 1918, CITIZEN has held the belief of “Better Starts Now” — that is, no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better, and now is the time to start doing it. Sharing this belief, we began making mechanical watches, invented and improved technologies and explored the future of watches such as our proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive technology.

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