CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch
Linking with your smartphone

CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch is the start of something new
— a watch that combines the best of analogue and smart.

Citizen Watch Official Application
CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch

Install the official app "CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch" to enjoy smartphone-based functions such as call and message notification, in addition to other functions that will enable you to get more out of your watch in a simple, intuitive way.

Key Functions
What can you do with the official app?

Home and Local Time
Get the time in any city in the world.

Via the link with your smartphone, your watch will automatically set itself to the time of the place where you are (“home time”). Meanwhile, inside the app, just tap a place on the world map or input a city name to set the watch to the time there (“local time”). The app covers 316 cities worldwide, including Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Set your alarm from your smartphone.

You can set your watch alarm simply and intuitively from inside the app. The alarm can be set for a different time every day of the week.

Message Notification
Find out when you get a mail, text or SNS notification.

The watch emits a sound, vibrates or rotates the hands to let you know when a new e-mail or Social Networking Service (SNS) notification has arrived. Select the apps from which you wish to receive notifications. Now you’re never out of touch.

※You can check which SNS apps are compatible from inside the official CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch app.

Call Notification
Find out when you get a call.

The watch emits a sound, vibrates or rotates the hands to let you know when someone is calling. A filter function enables you to specify which callers will trigger alerts. You will never miss a call from that special someone ever again!

Smartphone Search
Find your smartphone easily.

Mislaid your smartphone? That’s not a problem. Use your watch to locate your phone by getting the phone to emit a sound to indicate its whereabouts. (Range limitations apply to this function.)
When you’re about to forget your smartphone somewhere (in a café, for instance), the watch will warn you by emitting a sound, vibrating or rotating the hands to let you know when the link between your watch and the smartphone is broken.

Light Level Indicator
See how much light—and power—your dial is getting.

See how much power your watch is generating by checking how much light it is exposed to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. CITIZEN is a pioneer in light-powered technology and this unique function reflects our special relationship with light.

Eco-Drive Light-powered Technology

No cable-based charging. No replacing batteries.

CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch charges from any kind of light. That means no need for replacing batteries or for cable-based recharging. CITIZEN’s proprietary light-powered technology, Eco-Drive generates power from any kind of light—from sunlight to dim light—to drive the watch, storing the surplus in a rechargeable cell. On a single full charge it can run for up to six months in total darkness.


My Time,My Style

Linke to my smartphone.Powered by light.My time on my terms. Now. Always.Eco-Drive Bluetooth Ladies.


A timepiece for today’s woman.It’s your life. Live it your way.

In contrast with its modern retro styling, Eco-Drive Bluetooth Ladies links seamlessly with your phone to enable you to live the life you want. It has precisely the functions that busy working women need, with no extra clutter. Whether at work or play, Eco-Drive Bluetooth Ladies will quickly become central to your lifestyle, giving every day added zest and sparkle.

It discreetly notifies you when the people you care about are getting in touch. It reminds you of appointments. It helps locate your phone when you mislay it. Meanwhile light-powered Eco-Drive technology will spare you all the hassle of charging and regular battery replacement.

It’s your time. Spend it how you want.


A modern retro look that fits with any context

With its retro dial and little rounded 33 mm case,
Eco-Drive Bluetooth Ladies brings a note of charm to your wrist.
It’s styled specifically for women.
The design gives you the freedom to be yourself,
making a pleasure of the simple act of checking the time.

  • Retro Modern
  • Round Form
  • 33mm CaseSize

It’s also the perfect size: a A nice visual accent,
it’s still small enough not to snag the sleeve of your blouse.

Special Movie


  • image
  • image



Eco-Drive Bluetooth Ladies incorporates Eco-Drive, CITIZEN’s unique light-powered technology. That means your watch charges itself from sunlight and artificial light as you go about your normal day. You can even check how much power your watch is generating at a glance. Say goodbye to the tiresome rituals of daily cable charging and regular battery replacement.

  • Charges from sunlight
    and artificial light
  • Low power
  • No need for regular
    battery replacement
  • Generated power display
    (Light-Llevel Indicator)

Welcome to effortless, worry-free living.
Goodbye to cable charging and battery replacement.

[ Eco-drive ] Powerd by light、Ecology、Easy To Charge



Go to the home screen of the app and select “Notification.” Switch “Notify” to “On” for the mail and SNS apps whose notifications you want to push to your watch. Use the filtering function to select the people whose calls, texts mail you want alerts for.

  • Incoming call
  • Mail
  • Filtering
  • SNS
  • 15 alarm/
    notification sounds

Go into the official app to check for compatible SNS apps.

At work and in your private life,
never lose touch with the people who matter.

15Sounds Selection Filtering On / Off


Search function

[Smartphone search function]

Pull the crown out two stops and the second hand will point to FIND. Your watch is now tracking down your phone. Your phone will emit a sound to tell you where it is.

[Disconnection Link loss alert function]

When your phone and your watch get more than a certain distance apart, the connection between them is lost—meaning an increased risk of you losing your phone. Your watch will alert you by moving the second hand and emitting a sound. It’s easy to relink the two devices: just push the button at 4 o’clock on your watch for 2 seconds.

  • Smartphone search
  • Link loss alert

Got a bad habit of losing your phone?
Find it easily, and get disconnection alerts too.

Link Loss → Search



From the home screen of the app, select “Alarm” and set the desired time. You can set a maximum of 3 alarms. Go to the “Sound” menu to choose from up to 15 types of sounds.

  • Alarm on/off for individual days
    of the week
  • 15 different
    alarm sounds

Set your watch alarm via your phone
to wake you and remind you of appointments.

15Sounds Selection / Onse、Everyday、Week


Time Sync

[Time sync function]

Connect your watch to your phone to reset the time on your watch to the local time as displayed on your phone.

[World Time function]

Select “World Time” from the home screen of the app and find the time by searching 316 cities worldwide. Change the time on your watch from there.

  • Automatic syncing to smartphone time
    (Time sync function)
  • Time for 316 cities worldwide, including UTC time
    (World Time function)

Resetting the time when you’re abroad is easy.
Smart syncing for cities worldwide.

LocalTime of 316 Citties / PARIS 3:10am TOKYO 10:10am

How to use

Just install the app to get started.

Your new connected life is ready to go.
Just install the official CITIZEN Eco-Drive Bluetooth S app to connect your watch to your phone.
With functions like automatic time correction and notifications,
your watch has never been this convenient.


CITIZEN WATCH Official ApplicationCITIZEN Eco-Drive Bluetooth S

  • Download on the App Store
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Bluetooth CONNECT

The Cal.W770 app “Eco-Drive Bluetooth” does NOT work with this model.

  • Download
    Downloading the official app

    iOS users should download the official app from the App Store. Android users should download the official app from Google Play.

  • Pairing

    Press the “Setting” icon in the app then sync the time on the watch to the time on your smartphone. If you encounter any issues, go to the support page.

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