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Brand History

In 1924, the Shokosha Watch Research Institute produced its first “CITIZEN” watch. Mr. Shinpei Goto, the Mayor of Tokyo, names the watch "CITIZEN” and even after this was adopted as the name of the company in 1930.

Year Month Brand History
1918 3 Shokosha Watch Research Institute, forerunner of Citizen Watch Co., founded
1924 12 Citizen's first pocket watch manufactured
1930 5 Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. founded
1931 6 Citizen's first wristwatch completed
1952 3 Japan's first wristwatch with calendar marketed
1956 4 Japan's first shock-resistant watch, "Parashock," marketed
1958 1 Watch exports to the People's Republic of China begun
1958 6 Japan's first wristwatch with an alarm, "Citizen Alarm," marketed
1959 7 Japan's first water-resistant watch, "Parawater," marketed
1962 8 World's thinnest 3-hands watch developed
1965 12 Automatic water-resistant wristwatch with day and date, "Crystal Seven," marketed
1966 3 Japan's first electronic wristwatch "X-8" marketed
1967 1 World's first transistorized electronic quartz clock, "Crystron," marketed
1971 10 Tuning fork electronic watch "Hi-Sonic" marketed
1973 8 Analog quartz watch "Citizen Quartz Crystron" marketed
1976 8 World's first analog quartz watch using sunlight as power source, "Citizen Quartz Crystron Solar Cell," marketed
1978 5 Ultra-slim analog quartz watch "Citizen Quartz 790," containing world's first movement to break the "1-mm barrier," marketed
5 Quartz watch "Exceed Gold" developed
1978 11 LCD quartz watch combined with analog quartz watch, "Citizen Quartz Digi-Ana," marketed
1981 8 World's most pressure resistant watch, "Professional Diver 1,300m" marketed
1986 12 The annual production quantity of movement become World's No. 1
1987 6 "Attesa" titanium watch marketed
1993 5 World's first multi-zone "Radio-Controlled Watch" marketed
1995 5 "The Citizen" watch with free 10-year warranty and lifetime repairs marketed
1996 4 Light-energy powered "Eco-Drive" watch obtained "Eco Mark"
1996 11 Watch for contemporary woman "xC" marketed
1998 12 "Promaster Eco-Drive Duo," world's first hybrid power system watch (light power and movement power) marketed
1999 6 "Attesa Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled Watch" for Japan marketed
2000 11 Premium watch series "Campanola Collection" marketed
2001 4 Universal design watch "MU" marketed
2002 11 World's thinnest Eco-Drive watch "Stiletto" marketed
2003 6 World's first full metal case Radio Controlled watch with built-in antenna
2005 6 World's smallest Radio-Controlled watch movement, only 20.8mm x 3.5mm
2006 6 World's thinnest Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled analog metal watch marketed
10 World's first Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled watch with date disc marketed
2007 6 World's first Eco-Drive Global Radio-Controlled watch that can receive Japan, the United States and Europe standard time radio waves marketed
2008 5 World's first Eco-Drive Global Radio-Controlled watch that can receive Japan, the United States, Europe and China standard time radio waves marketed
2009 6 "Attesa Jet Setter Direct Light", world's first watch with city selection disc marketed
2010 6 2009 Basel Fair concept watch "Eco-Drive DOME" marketed
2011 3 World's smallest "xC" Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled watch marketed
6 World's first "Exceed" Global Radio-Controlled analog lady watch marketed
9 "Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE" marketed
2 2009 Basel Fair concept watch "Eco-Drive RING" marketed
2013 2 2010 Basel Fair concept watch "Eco-Drive EYES" marketed
9 2013 Basel Fair flagship watch "Promaster Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE -AIR" marketed
10 Displaying time of two cities simultaneously "ATTESA Double Direct Flight" marketed
2014 5 Equipped with electronic compass and altimeter "Eco-Drive ALTICHRON CIRRUS" marketed
8 Equipped with La Joux-Perret mechanical movement "Campanola" marketed 
10 World's thinnest case, World's fastest signal reception, World's first light-level indicator 'Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100" marketed